Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A test and my griddle

Test page! While you're here, check out my cast iron griddle!! Apparently there is a poof and Pantene. Yeah me!!

BOY IT’S BEEN A WHILE, Karen!!!!!!


This is supposed to be for the kids about the kids.  Well I’ve gone and died off.  BUT NOW I’m back.  I hope I can stay back but it’s SO HARD and we are SO BUSY! I promise to screw up, stumble and forget, but always try. Last post was November of 2015. OH THE SHAME!!

See.............. what’s happened since we last talked.  Oh I know…..

1. I started taking insurance education classes……1 of 10 are done.  Momentum already done,

150% obligated to complete sometime before I retire.  That’s the bright side.

2. 2 foot surgeries (all in 2015)

3. One kid is 15 and nearly DRIVING, the other is nearly 13.

4. Vacation (KC MO)

5. Weekend Getaway (Kishauwau Cabins – I suspect that’s spelled wrong, but I can’t seem to find
the gumption to fix it)

6. My Mother moved to town (Sept, 2013, I think)

7. My job changed (Sept, 2014)

8. Show Choir (we are in year 2)

9. Raising a goofy teenaged boy….this stuff is hard.

I could go on and on and on and on and on.  To date where I am at is here.  We literally run to and from stuff at least 4 days a week.  I try to cook good delicious meals for everyone but it comes at a cost. I’ve Not kept the house as clean as I’d like.  So in order to get back on the horse I am going to start from the here and now.

Meredith, here’s you NOW:

 Jackson, here's you NOW:

George? You’re lucky to be here NOW:

Love Mom.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Piano Recital Fall 2014

Just look at you!!!  This is your 4th piano recital, I believe and the first 3 were very different from this one.  The first 3 I had to practically SHOVE you out of the pew because you were so afraid to go up on stage and do your thang. 

My how times have changed and how you've grown.  Without flenching a muscle you overcame your nervousness and played your song.   You did your own and then a duet.  Beautiful.

Love, Mom


Well we got us somenew phones. After years of being android peeps,we've crossed over into IPhone land.  It's weird and the smartest one in the house regarding Iphone usage is Meredith. 


So minus time spent reading, homework, and housework, this has been my view. 

We may not make all that much eye contact anymore but I do dig the tops of your heads too.

Love, Mom

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Potty Time

Whenever we work out butts off to get you guys ready for pictures, I always allow silly ones because it's fun and I think you guys really enjoy them. Here are the funnies from the Fall 2014 folder I have for you. Jax , you are 13 and Meredith, you are 11.  Both on the verge of being 1 year older on me, so I relish these times now.

Love, Mom

'Nuff Said


The year for the young picture is 2007 (Meredith, you were 4 and Jax, you were 6).  Older kid picture is from 2014-2015 school year pictures (Mere, you are 11 and Jax you are 13).

How the time flies....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Truth About True Love

It's been a while since I wrote but that's because it got like SUPER BUSY outta nowhere.  Dishes, dinner, activities, homework, volunteer for this, show up for that..WHEW!! I've barely kept a thought in my head these last several weeks.

This is a message for BOTH of you kiddos.  It's very important so listen closely and read entirely.

Jackson, you are having a rough time right now.   You are having trouble with grades, there's a particular kid at school who's being a butt-head and you are in a state.  You are in the middle of your growing up years and they can suck eggs.

Last night Jackson, you approached me and said you were sorry about all this and told me how you felt bad and guilty for all of these things. Though we may have some behavioiral things to iron out, you are a wonderful person.

So the message to both my kids is this:

You can't pick your parents anymore than you can pick your children, but if I had to pick kids for myself, I'd choose you 2 hands down, no questions.  God made me to make you.  I am blessed.

No matter what life tosses at you, know your mama always love you to the moon and back and then beyond that all around several gazillion times. 

Love, Mom